Austria is one of the world’s safest financial centres. Therefore, investing some of your assets here in Lech makes perfect sense. Even more so with a bank that was awarded the title of Best Austrian Bank in Asset Management in the renowned Fuchs Report. Private Banking – serious protection for your assets. After all, safety comes first.

5 good reasons to invest your assets with the Raiffeisenbank Lech.

Greater protection through diversification of risk.

Austria, the fourth-wealthiest country in the EU, is politically and economically stable. During turbulent times, in particular, it makes sense to invest some of your assets in a safe financial centre outside of your home country or your local bank. Why not do so during your holiday in Lech Zürs?

Trust only the best.

The Raiffeisenbank Lech is synonymous with outstanding Private Banking expertise and was awarded the title of Best Austrian Bank in Asset Management in the renowned Fuchs Report. Put your trust in our experts.

Personal advice

The financial consultants here at Raiffeisenbank Lech are not required to meet any targets or sales goals – an uncommon practice in the banking industry but, unquestionably, an advantage for customers. The needs and wishes of the client are what count. We listen carefully, offer you personal advice and find the best solutions.

Sustainable financial products with good performance.

As the first bank in Austria to receive a Common Good certification, we also offer a wide spectrum of sustainable and ethical financial products with excellent performance. Invest your money with a clear conscience. We can show you how.

Bergfreundschaft (Alpine camaraderie).

Values such as attentiveness, responsibility, trust and respect are at the centre of what we do. Join us on our quest and enjoy better banking services. With us you experience cooperation between equals – like true mountaineering partners. We call it “Bergfreundschaft”.

We would be delighted to meet you in person and tell you more about the many good reasons for investing your assets with the Raiffeisenbank Lech.

Fostering and upholding values for over 100 years.

Founding documents, Dec. 1900

The Raiffeisenbank Lech was founded in 1900 by citizens of Lech and Warth as a cooperative bank with the aim of strengthening the local community. Decades past and the village of Lech rapidly grew to become one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations, with the Arlberg ski area becoming the fifth largest in the world. Our bank likewise grew in accordance with the ever-growing needs and demands of holiday guests who, with increasing frequency, became bank customers. Today, the Raiffeisenbank Lech ranks as one of Austria’s most reputable financial institutions in the field of asset management.

The Raiffeisenbank Lech around 1930

Mountain air keeps minds clear.

Admittedly, Lech is not Frankfurt, London or Zurich. Lech is a village with 1,700 inhabitants located at an altitude of 1,450 metres above sea level, far away from the hurly-burly of city life. But maybe it’s the fresh mountain air that keeps our minds clear and alert. Perhaps it’s the natural power and beauty of the region that inspire us to peak performance. Because we are bankers with a passion for what we do. And we are here for our customers.

By the way, this is exactly how it looks here with us in these minutes. The Bergfreundschaft-Webcam (mountain friendship webcam) of Raiffeisenbank Lech provides continuous high-resolution images of Lech – with a view westwards over Oberlech to Zug. It is also possible to travel back in time to the last hours, days or months. Particularly exciting: the best-of of the most spectacular shots.

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The Private Banking Team.

The core Private Banking team here in the Raiffeisenbank Lech is comprised of four people: Executive Director Georg Gundolf, Private Banking advisors Günter Smodic and Elias Beiser. They are supported by Sabrina Blaas. The majority of the about 25 members of staff here in the Raiffeisenbank Lech also work directly or indirectly in the field of asset management and support the core team. Furthermore, the Raiffeisenbank Lech has access to a network of Austrian and international experts.

Georg Gundolf

Private Banking
Executive Director

Georg Gundolf has been living and breathing banking for more than 30 years. He learned the banking business from the ground up. After several years of specialised training he became a qualified asset manager, following which he joined the Private Banking team in the year 2000. In 2011 he was appointed to the three-man board of directors, responsible for the field of Private Banking. Georg Gundolf views harmony as one of the most important values – both in his private life and in his profession. He believes that relationships based on respect and recognition can only then develop when you, yourself, are centred and balanced.

Telefon +43 5583 2626 220

Günter Smodic

Private Banking

Günter Smodic has, likewise, been with the Raiffeisenbank Lech since 1990. He worked in all the main areas of the bank before joining the Private Banking team in 2004 after qualifying as a certified asset manager. Günter Smodic is not only a practiced expert in financial investments, he also devotes a lot of time and energy to voluntary work. As a dedicated volunteer fireman, he knows that challenges can be tackled more effectively when you join forces. Indeed, almost everything is easier when you work together. That is why he sees teamwork and close customer relations as the key to success in the field of private banking.

Telefon +43 5583 2626 230

Elias Beiser

Private Banking

After successfully graduating from the University of St. Gallen with a Master of Arts in International Affairs, he initially took over his parents’ rental business. Elias Beiser joined our Private Banking team in June 2021. He is currently undergoing our internal advanced training program, which will prepare him for his daily work as a Private Banking advisor. Highly qualified and motivated, he is already another strong part of our Private Banking team. Of course, the young man also has hobbies and spends part of his free time on our beautiful golf course in Lech.

Telefon +43 5583 2626 210

Sabrina Blaas

Private Banking Assistance

Born in Lechtal, she has been supporting our Private Banking team since 2022, before which she travelled to America to improve her language skills. An important foundation in the international private banking business. Her structured and conscientious way of working takes the pressure off our advisors, giving them more time for our clients. After all, precise preparation and conscientious follow-up are just as important as personalised advice. She finds a balance to her job in our beautiful natural surroundings, preferably on horseback.

Telefon +43 5583 2626 328

… and the entire Raiffeisenbank Lech team …

We are Bergfreundschaft.

The personal talks and consultations we have with our clients often results in the forming of close bonds and friendships – and sometimes even in a relationship akin to “Bergfreundschaft”, such as that between mountaineering partners.

“Bergfreundschaft” is a notion that arose intuitively within our team. It is a notion that embodies our corporate culture, our values and our Private Banking. The concept of “Bergfreundschaft” is not an advertising slogan; it is a value that we live by both among colleagues as a team, and with our customers.

For us, “Bergfreundschaft” is a very special kind of friendship. Mountaineering partners can rely on one another. As they follow their route together, trust develops and grows. With consideration, respect and responsibility, they remain focussed on their common goal. “Bergfreundschaft” represents a kind of solidarity in which few words suffice, like that which develops between mountain climbing companions. With each successful mountaineering tour, the trust between partners deepens, the bond becomes stronger. For us, it is of vital importance to cultivate and maintain these strong relationships. We invite our customers to join us and experience first-hand what “Bergfreundschaft” means.

Find out more about our corporate culture and our values.
In our value book, we have defined and put our self-concept into words.

Top-rated Private Banking.

The Raiffeisenbank Lech began specialising in asset management several decades ago and now ranks as one of Austria’s foremost Private Banking establishments. As a relatively small bank with around just 30 members of staff, we are barely visible on the radar of major bank testers – which is why it was all the more surprising when we were informed that we had been anonymously tested for the renowned “Fuchs Report”. The result astounded even bank industry insiders. The little Raiffeisenbank Lech was found to be “playing with the big boys” and was even the overall winner in two categories.

“Best Austrian bank in asset management“

“Best consultation out of the 103 banks tested in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg“

Raiffeisenbank Lech receives ÖGUT certificate of sustainability

(Vienna, Lech) Three employees from Raiffeisenbank Lech completed the “Sustainable Investments” training course. This certificate reaffirms Raiffeisenbank Lech’s pioneering role in sustainable investments. The Austrian Ministry for the Environment and the ÖGUT (Austrian Society for Environment and Technology) awarded the ÖGUT certificate of sustainability in “Further Training in Sustainable Investments” to board member Georg Gundolf, private banking consultant Günter Smodic and corporate client consultant Jürgen Schwarzl from Raiffeisenbank Lech.

Under the umbrella of Green Investment, the ÖGUT is targeting financial markets and “investments” and “financing” in general. The central aim of the ÖGUT is to raise awareness of the importance of the financial market in sustainable development and, along with other key players, to take steps in order to make this financial market more sustainable.

“As a public interest reporting bank, establishing sustainable investments in Austria is a major issue for Raiffeisenbank Lech”, says board member Georg Gundolf. “This commitment is supported by our employees, making us an industry leader.”

f.l.t.r.: Dir. Georg Gundolf, Günter Smodic and Jürgen Schwarzl

„We have to admit: We had to smile a little ourselves when we first decided to subject the Raiffeisenbank Lech am Arlberg to our quality test for asset management. What can you expect, after all, away from the major financial centres of Germany and Switzerland in an idyllic corner of the Alps? Excellence, we know that now. Anyone who, during a relaxing holiday, drops into the Raiffeisenbank in Lech to ask them to manage part of their assets can do so with a clear conscience.“

Fuchsreport, Germany

Gutes wächst gut. Good things grow well.

Invest sustainably and with vision.

Investments with a clear conscience.
More and more investors want to fulfil their responsibilities to mankind and the environment and be involved in making meaningful value changes. We are particularly familiar with this topic as we have been dealing with sustainable investment strategies for longer than most other banks. Take advantage of our expertise!

Inspire new momentum through investments.
The increase in demand for ethical investments has sensitised companies to the topic of sustainability and has moved them to take a more responsible approach to the environment.

Equivalent yield prospects.
Studies show that sustainable investments can compete with traditional investments in terms of value development (e.g. Oxford University & Arabesque Partners: “From shareholder to stakeholder”, March 2015).

A bank with heart and soul

Georg Gundolf, director of private banking, interviewed by the Zeitraum magazine. He talks about the cooperative genes of the Raiffeisenbank Lech and the idea of common good.

(from Zeitraum Magazine 2017/18)

To productive dialogue.

„Genuine dialogue means stepping out of the ‘I’ and knocking on the door of the ‘you’.“

(Albert Camus, French dramatist, 1913-1960)

Make an appointment with us.
Our time is yours and we look forward
to genuine and productive dialogue.

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Photographs: Bernd Fischer, Marcel Hagen, Alex Kaiser, Georg Schnell, Raiffeisenbank Lech, Gemeindearchiv Lech, Shutterstock